Controlled Impedance

Controlled impedance maintains specified tolerance in the characteristic impedance of an interconnect (transmission) line used for connecting different devices on a circuit.
PCB Designers utilize controlled impedance for high-speed digital and high-frequency analog circuits. Our customers span the following industries: MWRF, Telecom, DUT Chips.

Common Issues
SFS provides solutions for design and final product verification, puddling and more. Standard impedance tolerances are within 10%. However, our engineering team routinely produces Controlled Impedance PCBs to hold 5% impedance tolerance. SFS achieves this by maintaining a database of past stackups and resulting thicknesses allowing our front end engineers to run tight impedance calculations. Further, numerous in-process checks are made to insure that fabrication results are as close to the designed values as possible. 

Controlled Impedance HDI Pcb Flex
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